Beaded Weft Methods

Beaded Weft Method

In recent years, hair extensions have become more and more popular. Some people use them because they prefer their hair thicker, some use it to add length and some use it as a protective style for their natural hair. Whatever your reason is, there are plenty of options to suit your needs. Weft methods have been widely used for decades. Being one of the most commonly used methods, it has allowed people to improve their techniques, invent new ones and create better, less time-consuming options that are much less damaging. Weft extensions don’t use glue or other chemicals to bond them with any special polymer. Wefts also last for a long time without having to replace the hair. One of the best outcomes of not using chemicals or a long application/removal process is that the hair extensions you use last longer, remain in better shape and can be washed and dried with less of a hassle. Today, we are going to look at the most refined methods for weft hair extensions.

Hand-tied Extensions

If you have been looking to get extensions but your options are limited due to your hair being thin and fine, Hand-tied extensions may be the perfect solution for you. This application is not time-consuming, it makes sure almost no damage is done to your natural hair and that you get to grow it out in the healthiest way. The extensions lay flat on your head and it is almost impossible to detect them. You can wear your Hand-tied extensions for up to 6 weeks before you would need to go in for an adjustment. The tightening process only takes about an hour. The hand-tied extensions are applied like most weft hair extension methods, using beads. Beads are attached to your natural hair in a tier-like fashion, and in some cases a thin string is then pulled through the beads and the hair extensions are sewn into the string or sewn to the beads. This natural way of applying hair extensions is to prevent your hair from looking stringy and since the process requires no chemicals; it keeps your hair healthy and shiny. You can re-use your hand-tied weft for about 5-6 months and grow your hair healthily in the process.

Natural Beaded Row Extensions (NBR Method)

Natural Beaded Row Extensions, also known as the NBR Method, use a very simple, fast technique to get your hair fuller, longer and gorgeous. This exclusive hair extension method is done by creating tracks in your natural hair with beads and a special string and sewing the hair extension weft to this track. Your natural hair doesn’t get damaged during this process because the weight of the extensions and the sewing are not on your own hair but on the beaded tracks created by your hair extension Professional.
NBR method is extremely natural looking because the tracks are created extremely close to your scalp to prevent pulling. It is also comfortable to wear, and you won’t need to worry about individual pieces being tied together or chemical adhesives that can cause damage to your hair. Normal track hair extensions will have around 150 points of contacts with your hair whereas NBR has only 25. This means less of your hair is used in the process and of course that means less damage. The hair extensions will need a tightening every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth. The extension Professional will remove the hair and pull the tracks higher on your scalp, so they continue to look flawless.

Kacey Welch Method

Hairstylist and hair extension Professional Kacey Welch said she took a bunch of hair extension classes and seminars to find the best method but was disappointed at the end when she couldn’t find a fast, non-damaging hair extension style, so she created her own. Just like the NBR method, The Kacey Welch method uses beads to create a track and then sews the hair extensions to this track. However, with the Kacey Welch method, instead of using a string, your own natural hair is used to pull through the beads to create a better, stronger bond and this method also uses more beads to eliminate balding at the beaded points. The Kacey Welch method only uses 10% of your natural hair. This means less of your hair gets in contact with the process, providing a faster application time, and a less damaging way of having hair extensions. You can use your Kacey Welch method hair extensions for up to 8 weeks sometimes longer without needing any adjustments, which in the hair extension world is a big deal. Big celebrities, like Kate Hudson, are a big fan of this method because it does not compromise the integrity of your own hair, lets you grow your hair out without much styling and keeps your hair extensions at a higher quality for longer.

The beaded weft methods have been around for a long time for many reasons. They are the least damaging to your natural hair, lets your natural hair grow in peace, and the application process, although it may feel a little tight, it is pain-free. Ask your hair extension expert or hair stylist about the best method for you.