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5 Products Your Hair Will Love!

Give your hair some love with these 5 products!

#1: Virtue Dry Shampoo

Your lip gloss doubles as eyeshadow. Your conditioner can pinch hit for shaving cream. Don’t you just love multi-tasking beauty products? And without question, the MVP of multi-taskers is your dry shampoo. This mighty marvel contributes so much to your hair game. How? Let us count the ways!

It stretches your blowout for an extra day (or two or three.) You spent good money for a full, fabulous, gorgeous professional blow-out, and you have no intention of washing that investment down the drain. Your dry shampoo will help you put off your next hair wash for a few days, keeping your scalp oil-free and your hair fluffy and bouncy.

It slows down color fade. You can’t stop admiring your new pink (or blue or green) hair color—it’s so vivid and bright! But the quickest way to transform bright hair color into pale, barely-there hair color is with too-frequent shampooing. Swapping out as many shampoos as possible with your dry shampoo will stretch the life of your hair color for days and weeks.

It preserves your bleached or colored hair health. Lightening your hair for highlights or to prepare it for a bright or pastel fashion hair color can often cause it to become a little more damaged than it was pre-color. And each time you shampoo, condition and blow-dry or flat iron your hair, it’s damaged a bit more. Holding off on those lather, rinse, style and repeat routines by freshening your hair with dry shampoo will also slow down the damage caused by thermal styling tools.

It saves you precious getting-ready time. Air drying your hair is nice, but many just can’t pull off a wash-and-go routine. Many people must, or prefer to, style their hair completely each time they shampoo and condition. And on those days when time is short, or the snooze button got pushed one too many times, dry shampoo saves the day. You’ll be ready to go in no time—no need to wash and restyle!

It prevents your hair from becoming too dry. Natural oils from the scalp are often beneficial for keeping hair soft and hydrated. But when hair is extremely curly, or extremely long, those oils may not reach the lengths of the hair before they begin building up on the scalp. It will absorb build-up on the scalp and give those oils more time to moisturize the rest of your hair before being stripped away in the shower.

It adds volume to your hairstyle. Mist your hair with dry shampoo when it’s damp, then hit it with your blow dryer. The dry shampoo will swell the strands, giving you fuller, more voluminous hair.

Here is our best recommendation Virtue Labs Dry Shampoo


Virtue Labs Dry Shampoo is a lightweight, invisible dry shampoo that removes build-up, oil, and odor while reviving your style with each use. This invisible, super-light formula truly cleanses the hair while it enhances scalp health. Created without any heavy styling ingredients that can add more build-up, it’s a reinvigorating pick-me-up for hair in need of a refresh. Color-safe, paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan.

#2: Virtue Leave In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner or leave-in hair treatment is a conditioning product that is applied to freshly cleansed hair and left in until the next washing. Leave-in conditioning treatment is usually the third step right after washing and conditioning the hair. Unlike a regular conditioner that you rinse out after a couple of minutes, a leave-in conditioner stays on your hair until the next washing.

Leave-in is used to add extra conditioning to your hair and to provide your locks with much-needed moisture and softness.

This product comes in several different forms, like liquids, thick creams, and sprays. You can spread it on the hair with your fingers like a regular conditioner or you can opt for a leave-in conditioning spray. A few pumps will leave your hair feeling nourished and silky, with a luminous glow.

The lightweight formulas can also be used on dry hair between washes to restore lost moisture and give manageability to hair.

Benefits of Using a Leave-In Conditioner

Moisturizes Dry Hair

The main purpose of leave-in conditioners is to provide further moisture and keep hair hydrated. These products are great for kinkier hair types, which need more moisture than a regular conditioner can provide. Leave-in conditioners typically contain humectants that help hydrate and soften your strands and make them more elastic and stronger. Water-based leave-in conditioners penetrate the hair strand easier than oil-based products and leave hair feeling hydrated and nourished for longer.

Detangles Knotted Hair

A good leave-in conditioner contains ingredients that add slip and softness to unruly hair, making the detangling process a lot smoother. If your hair tangles and knots easily, this product will release knots and make hair brushable and easy to style. A leave-in treatment fortifies hair to resist breakage, smooths split ends, and helps retain length.

Makes Hair Manageable and More Responsive to Styling

A leave-in conditioning treatment can improve the manageability of your hair, making it easier to style with a blow dryer or a flat iron. A leave-in conditioner contains ingredients that soften the hair texture, which may enhance the effects of the styling treatment. This product provides a flexible hold that is perfect for curly hair when you just want to add that beautiful bounce to your curls. You can reapply it throughout the day to re-moisturize your hair and refresh your style.

Protects Hair from Environmental Damage

Too much sun and swimming in chlorinated or salt water pools can dehydrate hair, causing color fading, brittleness, and split ends. You can spray your hair before swimming in the pool to keep the chlorine and salt from damaging it.

Extreme winter cold outside, followed by dry heat indoors can make hair rough and dry. Leave-in conditioners are designed to coat your strands and to protect your hair from the damaging effects of environmental agents.

We recommend:Virtue Labs Purifying Leave-in Conditioner 


Virtue Labs Purifying Leave-in Conditioner is a lightweight detangling mist that gently nourishes hair while it enhances manageability, reduces flyaways, and shields against damage. Formulated with our revolutionary Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein, our lightweight, multi-tasking leave-in conditioning mist moisturizes, protects, and detangles hair without buildup. Hair is left softer, shinier, and overall healthier. Color-safe, paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan.

#3: BODY.MASS by Kevin Murphy

BODY.MASS helps strengthen the hair, while imparting a fullness and thickness that gives you beautiful body and bounce. Richly formulated with Oleanolic Acid, our leave-in plumping treatment helps fortify and strengthen at the roots to help prevent hair ageing.

  • Helps to strengthen and fortify hair from root to tip
  • Boosts thickness for increased body and bounce
  • Helps increase microcirculation to the scalp
  • Offers heat protection up to 420°F / 216°C
  • Ideal for all hair types, especially fine, ageing and thinning hair

Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

Kevin Murphy: “I’ve worked with women of all ages, with all hair types, and by far the most emotionally devastating ‘hair’ issue I’ve seen is hair loss/thinning. I decided to create a product that would add volume plus help to densify and strengthen the hair. Using scientifically proven eyelash plumping technology, we created BODY.MASS, the final step in our THICKENING regimen. Used alongside PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE and as part of our THICKENING regimen, our leave-in plumping treatment will create plumper, thicker-looking hair. You’ll notice instant cosmetic thickening, and over time you’ll see a noticeable difference in hair quality – Try it for 14 days, and the results will speak for themselves.”

#4: Capillus Keratin Fiber

Keratin is the type of protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin can also be found in your internal organs and glands. Keratin is a protective protein, less prone to scratching or tearing than other types of cells your body produces.

Keratin can be derived from the feathers, horns, and wool of different animals and used as an ingredient in hair cosmetics. Since keratin is the structural building block of your hair, some people believe that keratin supplements, products, and treatments can help strengthen your hair and make it look healthier.

People who use keratin on their hair report that their hair is smoother and easier to manage as a result. The effects vary greatly depending on whether your hair is healthy to begin with, what the natural thickness of your hair is, and what kind of keratin treatment you use. Keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, theoretically absorb the keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style, and straighter in appearance.

#5: Virtue Un-Frizz Cream

Summer could easily be the season with the most (and worst) bad hair days thanks to sky-high humidity levels.

As hair absorbs moisture from the environment, it can become frizzy, dry and wiry — making it hard to style.

A true innovation in hair care, Virtue’s advanced formulations are enriched with Alpha Keratin 60ku, a whole, human keratin born from regenerative medicine. Since this is identical to the keratin in your hair, the protein is instantly recognised, binding directly to areas of damage and filling them – not just coating strands or weighing them down. Uniting this advanced protein with a host of other powerful ingredients, this leave-in treatment cream immediately transforms your hair’s texture, conditioning and smoothing hair and eliminating frizz – locking out humidity as it goes to keep frizz and flyaways at bay. Pink pomelo (rich in vitamins A, C, B1 and zinc) nourishes locks, while gotu kola, a multi-tasking Indian herb that promotes strength, smoothness and lustre helps to lock in moisture.

After spending decades in the beauty industry, Virtue’s founders thought nothing could surprise them – until they found Alpha Keratin 60ku, a transformative protein that’s identical to the keratin in your own hair, meaning it binds directly to areas of damage and fills them (without weighing strands down). The ultimate foil for frizz-prone locks, this leave-in treatment immediately transforms your hair’s texture, conditioning and smoothing while locking out humidity to banish frizz. Sweet pear, soothing lavender and fresh mint essential oils grant sublime scent – this truly is a gift from the hair care gods.

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10 Hair Myths

Who says you can’t be sexy forever, or have long and healthy hair even after 50? Or that short hair is frumpy, or that bright blond looks tacky after a certain age? We’ve tossed those beliefs and rules out the window. But what about those other little, nagging, back-of-mind hair folktales? Does brushing your hair 100 strokes a day make it healthier? Does a flaky scalp mean dandruff? Can your hair get used to a shampoo and stop working? Yes — or yarn? Here’s the truth (and just between us), some of these are trickier than a simple yes or no.

Myth 1 : Too much sunshine causes hair loss

Although it may feel like your head is on fire after hours hanging out at the beach, sustained exposure to sunshine is not a direct cause of hair loss. However, Dr. Antonella Tosti, hair loss expert and Keeps medical advisor, notes that if you notice your hair getting lighter during the summer, it’s a sign of damage that’ll likely result in your hair becoming dry.

How’s this for scary: You’re just as likely to deal with hair loss as the guy next door. We’re not talking about full-blown balding, but more subtle (and no less traumatic) thinning, like your part getting wider or your scalp showing through. “About 40–50% of women are affected by hair thinning,” says Nicole Rogers, MD, a hair transplant surgeon and board-certified dermatologist based in New Orleans. But in order to treat it, you need to get to the root of the problem. One thing standing in your way? All those myths about what causes or fixes hair loss. So we spoke to the experts to separate fact from fiction, once and for all.

Quick tip:  Just because that blazing hot sun doesn’t cause hair loss, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Be sure to always apply SPF—it’s your skin’s best friend—and add a hat up top if you want some extra protection.

Myth 2: Stress turns your hair gray.

Truth: No way! If that were true, we’d all be gray by high school. Going gray is a genetic thing. When the cells that produce melanin — your hair pigment — no longer produce color, it’s over. There is no current scientific proof that stress accelerates graying, but it can do other unfriendly things. For example, all hair goes through rest periods when follicles don’t grow. Extreme stress can push this growth phase ahead. So three months from now, you may experience more fallout than usual, and the new hairs that grow in may be gray. Rule out any hair changes — possibly due to drug side effects, hormonal causes or underlying illness — by seeing your doctor.

Myth 3: Your hair gets used to the same shampoo.

Truth: Yes and no. But it’s not all in your head. If you think your shampoo and conditioner are no longer doing their job, it’s because your hair needs have changed. You’ve probably cut, colored, relaxed or straightened your hair. Or grown it longer, gotten extensions or gone natural in texture. Or moved to a different climate or started using new styling products. Or become lazy in your habits, such as shampooing less often, skipping a deep conditioning once a week, not rinsing enough or over-rinsing. In fact, it’s probably some combination of these. It’s time to match your current hair to your new routine.

Myth 4: Brush 100 strokes a day for healthy hair. 

Truth: Brushing is a form of friction that, if done to excess — as in 100 strokes — will damage all hair, but especially thin, weak and fragile locks. However, there’s some benefit to brushing gently and briefly to stimulate scalp circulation and help distribute natural oils from roots to tips. A few strokes with a natural bristle brush on dry hair does it. Skip synthetic or vent bristles, toss old brushes with bent or broken bristles, and never brush wet hair. Bend from the waist and work your way from roots to ends if hair is long, or just stand up and whoosh right through.

Myth 5: Ponytails, dreads and braids are a stylish daily choice.

Truth: Absolutely! However, constant tension and traction on hair by styles that are pulled tight — including ponytails, braids, weaves, dreadlocks, cornrows or extensions — can cause a receding hairline or breakage that leaves hair thinner, weakened and damaged. In fact, traction alopecia can mimic female pattern baldness, so catch the damage before it’s irreversible. Change your ‘do and loosen up. Try a soft updo that leaves loose pieces dangling. Style bigger, imperfect braids that start at the nape. Shift placement of ponytails (when you do wear one) and use thick fabric covered scrunchie-type bands (not elastics). Go with your natural texture. Or hold hair off the face with a soft fabric band or scarf. 

Myth 6: Washing your hair too much can cause thinning.

Truth: There’s no need to fear the shampoo bottle. “You’re just cleansing the scalp, and that’s not going to affect the root,”. As for the strands on the shower floor, they’ve likely come to the end of their natural cycle anyway. So unless you’re breaking strands by raking a comb or brush through wet hair, the washing process is only getting rid of the stuff that’s already come loose from your scalp.

Myth 7: Wearing a Hat Will Make You Lose Hair

Truth: The myth that hats cause hair loss has existed for a long time. It’s hard to identify where this myth started, but it seems to originate from a series of clinical studies in the 70s and 80s that studied thermoregulation (your body’s ability to regulate its temperature). Those studies supposed that hats make the head warm, so the body sheds hair to cool off. Future studies proved them wrong, but the myth remains.

There is a correlation between hats and hair loss, however. It’s not that hats cause hair loss, but that hair loss causes guys to wear hats. This is why the myth won’t abate.

While it’s possible that wearing something too tight on your head can cause traction alopecia (hair loss due to trauma to the hair shaft and follicle), you’d have to wear something painfully tight to cause permanent hair loss.

Myth 8: Birth control pills can contribute to hair loss/ hair thinning

Truth: “This one is half true,” says Dr Zioga. “Birth controls pills can provoke thinning and in some cases, hair loss too. The good thing is that most of the time the hair loss or thinning is reversible. It’s important to say here that not all women on birth control pills will be affected by hair thinning and if they are, the degree of hair loss will vary case by case. Birth control pills can cause the hair to move from the growing phase to the resting phase too soon. This form of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. Furthermore, if baldness runs in your family, birth control pills can speed up the hair loss process.”

Myth 9: Changing your diet won’t make a difference

Truth: “Hair is made up of keratin, which is a natural protein. Making sure your diet is high in protein can therefore help to keep hair strong and looking shiny and healthy. Try to incorporate meat, fish and eggs into your diet (if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, look to high-protein foods such as quinoa, soy, lentils and beans) and you may gradually notice an improvement.

Tips:Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin D, biotin, iron, magnesium, niacin and zinc in will also help to contribute to strong and healthy hair, along with a diet rich in grains, fruits and vegetables.”

Myth 10: If you see a lot of hair in your shower drain, it means your hair is thinning. 

Truth: “This doesn’t mean it’s permanently thinning. I recommend going to a doctor and having some blood work done. If the excess shedding is caused by a nutritional deficiency — iron, zinc, vitamin D, and protein are critical — taking supplements and improving your diet will usually stop the shedding, and the hair will return to a normal growth cycle.”

What are your thoughts about those myths,did we busted them?

If you have any questions ask them our pros at ZoyaG and they will be happy to bust some more MYTHS!

And remember:The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

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