As I was preparing for this blog I googled it . I was amazed how many articles were written around this question. I still decided to write this and voice my personal opinion on that. I have had over 17 years in the industry and I can say I have not had one moment that I doubted if this is my calling in life. I believe that beautiful transformations happen everyday and the extension of a person’s beauty should be an extension of themselves. It should be real. It should last and stay with them. And it should suit them perfectly , both internally and emotionally.

A lot of us start feeling better about ourselves as we get much older. That is usually when we get to know who we are as a person and know what we want. That is usually when we are independently thinking of ourselves as individuals but this journey usually don’t usually begin till we are in our 30s or 40s and that is usually when we start aging.
I still don’t know who created the idea of if you are older you are not suppose to have long hair. Look at Madonna at 56, Goldie Hawn at 68 , Christie Brinkley 60.

They all have long hair but the key to long hair is healthy hair.

As far as the kind of the style you choose is all depends on how manageable it will be and based on your height and body shape and the face shape . Another major key to consider is whether the overall appearance is ‘work-appropriate’
I always believed that the longer hair that hangs between the collarbone and the top of the chest is generally most flattering.

It is a lot easier to style and manage that length rather than longer.

A lot of people experience hair thinning after certain age. That is when we usually add hair extensions to give the hair the volume and thickness they use to have. I have many women who come to see me and just bring their old photo of themselves and want that back.

Brenda came to see me a few weeks ago. She should be in her mid or higher 50s. She came to me with the same question and was asking if it’s possible to give her back what she use to have. She is naturally dark blond but she had of mature hair around the top and the side if her hair line and throughout the hair. Her last styling was only highlighting her blond which made her look very washed out and whiter. I kept her blonds light but I added some darker blond lowlights through the top and the sides and color her base to camel flash the gray hair. After the process I choose 4 different shades of blond from darker beige blond to light gold blonds for her extensions. The result was exquisite. Brenda looked 12 to 15 years younger.

I don’t know about others but I learned not to believe In the society’s norm because I have always dared to be different and live beautifully and I encourage you to do so by not falling for statistics and dare to see life through your own lenses not anyone else.