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Why You NEED Hair Extensions

If you long for luscious locks, hair extensions could be just what you need. As well as adding length, extensions boost the volume of your hair, allowing you to experiment with full hairstyles such as beach waves. Here are a few reasons to get hair extensions today.

Instant Volume and Length

Growing out a short haircut into a long style can take months or even years. Even when your hair reaches the length you desire, there is no guarantee that it will be thick enough for you to recreate the hairstyles that your favorite celebrities are sporting. Hair extensions allow you to instantly transform yourself into a luscious-locked beauty.

Experiment With New Hairstyles

Although some types of hair extensions are semi-permanent, others can be applied to your hair and removed when you have had enough of them. These hair extensions allow you to experiment with new hairstyles without having to make a permanent commitment. For example, you can find out how you look with bangs or try out highlight colors. If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily, you may enjoy switching frequently between different hairstyles. Hair extensions can help you show off every aspect of your personality and switch up your appearance to match your mood that day.

Add Color to Your Style

Hair extensions are an easy way to add a subtle splash of color to your hairstyle. Hair extensions come in all shades, so you can try out blond highlights or deepen your palette by adding some reddish tones to your hair. Using hair extensions to add color often produces more predictable results than dying your own hair, which can result in unexpected shades that clash with the rest of your color palette. Try out as many colors as you like, all without breaking out the hair dye.

Protect Your Hair

Hair extensions are an alternative to hair treatments that can damage your own natural hair. For example, when you use hair extensions to add color highlights, there is no need to bleach or dye your own hair, which can damage it. When you add wavy hair extensions, you can avoid using heat treatments on your own hair. In this way, hair extensions may help you to avoid your hair drying out and breaking, which are common side effects of frequent heat treatments.

Boost Your Confidence

Looking your best can change the way you feel about yourself. Many people say that taking care of their appearance can give them a feeling of self-confidence, whereas neglecting the way they look can lead to feelings of worthlessness and sadness. The confidence boost that hair extensions can provide is especially valuable when you need to perform at your best; for example, during a job interview or an important presentation at work, or when meeting someone special for the first time. When you use hair extensions to create the look you need for any occasion, you give yourself one less thing to worry about. That means you can focus on having a good time or creating a fantastic first impression.

Set yourself up for success by using hair extensions to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you're looking for long, sleek, straight hair or voluminous waves, hair extensions can help you achieve your goal. We're Ready to Help You #LiveBeautifully


We are the Premier Extensions Salon in Dallas. Zoya and Her Team are Internationally Trained and Recognized for Excellence. You will NOT Find a Better Salon to Help You Achieve Your Hair Dreams!

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Back to the basics for choosing the right color for your skin tone. part I

Sometimes we want the colors we see on other people because it looks so good on them. But we put it on ourselves we get confused about why it looks so awkward.

Choosing the right color is your stylist/our job, but we can also teach you basic color theory as well to help you feel even more confident that you’re in good hands. This is also only our professional recommendations, indeed that’s your choice.

When talking about hair color there is something called the “Tone”. Just like skin tones, tones can be warm or they can be cool. It does not necessarily mean blonde vs black. Blondes can have different tones; one can look warm with a yellow or peachy color while cool tone would be more beige or white and gray. This includes highlights as well. Blacks can have different tones too. When you see someone’s hair through sunlight, that’s when you can usually see the undertone. Browns can have a gold, orange, red, and even gray/ash tone in the sunlight.

We have the basic color wheel and the base colors of blue, yellow, and red, and then you have everything in between. How to decide what color is right for you is directly relies on the color of your skin and the complimentary color that works best for it. Not only does your skin tone affect the right color for you but your eye color can too. Some colors can make them light up and some and make them dim down. No matter what color you look at it will have undertone colors. When you see a color box and it says “base color” that is the undertone. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your hair will be that exact color. When some stylish lightens your hair and it turns out green when they tone it, it is most likely because they used a toner that had a base color with too much green, if your hair has been lightened and is yellow, you would be best to choose blue or purple “ash” bases. Which that is the color that naturalizes the unwanted underlying color.

Now with that being said, we can talk about skin complexion. Anything that is on the opposite side of the color you are is what will compliment you the most. Also remember we are referencing to natural skin tones not covered with makeup. There are levels of light to darkness in color; 1-10 (1 being the darkest and 10 being the lightest) besides highlights, try staying within 2-3 levels of your natural color.

This is less about the hair color you like; it’s more about what hair color your skin likes. Color will not only complement your skin tone. It will make your best facial features pop, and make you look years younger. Having the wrong color can make you end up looking washed out, tired, unnatural and/or older! No one wants that now do we? That’s what this information is for, the women who dare to live beautifully.

FAIR and light skin tone
Brown: Unless you were born with dark hair, you should avoid it if you have fair skin. Fair skin people usually don’t have enough pigment in their skin to pull it off.

Blonde: Try a golden, strawberry or light blonde. Warming up your hair with highlights can add some dimension. But because you are fairer skinned, stay away from tones that are white, ash and reddish. You can still be blonde but may need warmth added.

Black: Dark neutral tones that are closer to dark brown side are best. Don’t go too dark though because it will wash you out and also highlight any red pigments in your skin.

Red: Light, golden, strawberry blondes to a bright copper can work. Avoid wine-colored red and burgundy tones; they will make you look too pale.

Gray: Creamy pale yellow or pure white-gray tone to play off your skin’s natural coloring. Too much gold is not too flattering.

OLIVE skin tone
Olive Complexion- You can really pull off almost any color besides yellow. Which technically when you have olive skin it does literally have a very light green/yellow “ash” undertone. You can basically do any tone with this color of skin. But, back to the basics of the color theory, red, orange, and blue undertones look best. With Olive, you don’t want to go too cool though because it will wash your complexion away and look totally natural.

Brown: Dark colors look the most natural. You can pull off deep tones of brown with darker red highlights. Again, stick within two shades of your current color.

Blonde: Just like the “not so much, avoid going too light and cool, as this will clash with your skin. Warmer tones with dimension look best.

Red: Go for it, it will compliment your olive tone. No matter what color you decide, remember you are beautiful and you deserve to be happy.

We care and we are here to help you feel and look more beautiful than ever!

Call us or stop by and make an appointment if you haven’t already online.

ALWAYS remember to live beautifully. Life is too short to miss out on the best things life offers; we ALWAYS have a chance to make it positive and beautiful. We exude out what we feel and it always starts within us

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