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5 Products Your Hair Will Love!

Give your hair some love with these 5 products!

#1: Virtue Dry Shampoo

Your lip gloss doubles as eyeshadow. Your conditioner can pinch hit for shaving cream. Don’t you just love multi-tasking beauty products? And without question, the MVP of multi-taskers is your dry shampoo. This mighty marvel contributes so much to your hair game. How? Let us count the ways!

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10 Hair Myths

Who says you can’t be sexy forever, or have long and healthy hair even after 50? Or that short hair is frumpy, or that bright blond looks tacky after a certain age? We’ve tossed those beliefs and rules out the window. But what about those other little, nagging, back-of-mind hair folktales? Does brushing your hair 100 strokes a day make it healthier? Does a flaky scalp mean dandruff? Can your hair get used to a shampoo and stop working? Yes — or yarn? Here’s the truth (and just between us), some of these are trickier than a simple yes or no.

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A Unique Point of Difference – Our Salon Salary Compensation

So often we are asked, “Will my stylist get commission for that?”  The answer is no. No they won’t.   You’re probably thinking, “How can this be? How do they make money?”   If you’ve ever been a client at Zoya salon, you’ve probably noticed a different vibe as soon as you come in. Everybody is laughing, smiling and having a good time. Unlike many salons, you’ll notice team members helping each other out. In fact, it’s not uncommon for you to receive services from one, two or even three people before you leave the salon/spa.   Behold our secret to happiness!

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10 secrets that make your extensions last longer 

Knowing how to care for extensions should be a big part of the decision making when getting  extensions. At my salon we work with extension clients everyday. After all it still surprises me when some clients come with giant matted patches all over their head and it’s just then that they ask me what should they have done to prevent hours of removal time and possible damage to their natural hair. Low quality hair care products and improper maintenance is the number one reason that extensions don’t last as long.

1- Don’t shampoo or get the hair wet for 48 hours after the application. It takes 48 hours for bonding process to complete. Start by tilting your head back not forward and use your finger in circular motion to shampoo.

2- Brush,brush, brush. Everyone has natural shedding between 50 to 100 strands a day. It is common to loose a few strands of extensions over time . That is due to natural shedding or seal opening of each bond. Brush hair thoroughly ,starting from the bottom and working your way up.

3- Use high quality extension friendly shampoos and conditioners. Your products need to be sulfate and silicone free.

4- braid your hair before going to sleep or before going into chlorine or salt water.

5- Never sleep with your hair wet. It cause your extensions to tangle and mat with your own hair

6- Thermal protecting spray before using curling iron or flat iron help to minimize the damage.

7- Apply hair treatment from mid-shaft of the hair to the ends once a week.

8- Satin or silk pillowcase is the best thing to sleep on. It helps to protect hair and hair extensions from damage while sleeping.

9- Coloring and any kinds of chemical on your hair needs to be done by a trained professional who knows how to work with extension.

10-Make an appointment with your stylist every 6-8 weeks for slight trim to keep the hair looking healthy and shiny. Getting hair extensions is a huge investment and requires a bit different TLC.I hope these tips helps to have beautiful hair day everyday.



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How do I find the BEST salon?

One of the most important decisions in any woman’s life is her choice of salon. While most people will say it has to do with who she marries, or what she wears on her wedding day, but to even get to that point, she has to look good.  Above that, how does she feel?  What woman would go out of the house, let along on her wedding day, not looking and feeling her best? This is why we say a woman’s choice in salons is such an important decision to make as her hair affects every part of her daily life.

Whether you are new to the area or just looking to make a change, finding your new hair home can be a challenging task.

You could just Google, “Best hair salon near me” and choose the very first name to pop up but what makes that the best? Who wants to gamble when it comes to their hairstyle or hair extensions?

Your hair and confidence in that should be just as important to our stylists as they are to you; keep reading to find out what key indicators will truly reveal the best hair salon for you.

What to Look for When Finding the Perfect Salon:

How receptive is the salon team? Are you greeted warmly when you walk in? Do you feel welcomed and is the team available to answer any questions that you might have?

Location. Do you want a salon that is close to your home? The added convenience of having a salon that is local and close by can make it that much more convenient.

Does the salon or stylist offer consultations? You have a lot of options when it comes to your style.   With options comes questions, especially if you’re on the fence about your next hair color or hair extensions. Ask if one of the salon stylists can provide you with a consultation to sit down with you, really listen to your needs and offer the best solutions for you and your hair goals.


Ask about their tools & styling process. There’s almost nothing worse than taking your style home and realizing you don’t have proper tools and knowledge to recreate your hair outside of the salon!  Be sure to ask questions of your stylist.  What tools and products are being used and why?  Don’t be afraid to get in the mix and allow your stylist to show you tips and tricks for your hair at home!

Read Reviews. Visit the salon’s Facebook page and search online for Google and Yelp! reviews to see what guests have to say.

For more tips on how to find the best salon for you, visit Zoya Salon today and let our stylists show you why we are chosen by more women when they want to look and feel their very best!

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Whether you are new to the area or just looking to make a change, finding your new hair home can be a challenging task.

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How To Grow Hair Faster?

Whether you are trying to grow your hair out for a new style, or your old style didn’t quite turn out the way you wanted and you need your hair to grow back fast, the hardest part of the hair growth process is being patient. It can take some women months to grow their hair down to their shoulders and longer if they are prone to breakage and split ends. If you have been searching for some effective ways to make your hair grow faster, keep reading as we are going to share some of our favourite tips on how you can grow longer, stronger, healthier hair in no time.

Here are some of the best ways to grow hair faster:

Drink more water- water is one of the most important things we can put into our bodies. It cools us down, it gives us life and it helps to regulate our bodies’ systems. The healthier we are, the faster our hair will grow.

Eat healthy- eating a healthy, balanced diet will give your body the nutrients it needs and will even help your hair grow longer and stronger.

Reduce stress- by reducing your stress levels, your body will become much healthier and it will be able to use more of the nutrients you take in. Stress can affect your body and mind and can slow down the body’s systems, especially hair growth.

Frequent Scalp Massages- massage your scalp thoroughly every time you wash your hair. This will stimulate the hair follicles causing your hair to grow.

Take your vitamins- high quality vitamins and specialised supplements are available that can provide your hair with the nutrients it needs for new hair growth.

Cut your hair- while cutting your hair doesn’t sound like a good way to help it grow, it actually is. Cutting your hair removes some of the weight that is being placed on your scalp and on the existing hair follicles. Without the additional weight, your hair can grow healthier and faster.

Stop washing your hair every day- instead of washing your hair daily, try washing it every other day or use a dry shampoo. Washing your hair too frequently can wash away some of the important oils and minerals it needs to grow.

Be patient- patience is the key to any time consuming process. Growing your hair can take time even if you follow all of the steps above so it is important to be patient.

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