Meet Ginger & Ivy

Ginger and Ivy are our Salon Service Dogs and are two of the most important part of our welcome committee. Their extensive daily tasks consist of greeting each and every person that walks in, sitting in every lap that will allow them, and double checking to make sure your food is okay. They are filled with lots of love, cuddles and have a passion for protecting their toys. They have taken to heart Zoya Salon’s motto to Dare to Live Beautifully and maintains their appearance with a weekly trip to the dog spa, so they are ready to give lots of love to our clients. You will frequently find them specially Ivy right below your feet, or traveling across the country with their mamma, Zoya. Although only 3.2 pounds and 3 pounds , Ginger and Ivy are extremely well trained to defend the salon against any and all mailmen that come through her doors. Sleeping is a top priority for these little Malti-Poos . With the innate ability to fall asleep anyplace anytime. If you ask them on any given day what they want out of life, they will tell you it’s all about chasing brooms…or was it dreams? it’s all about chasing brooms…or was it dreams?