Our Commitment

A woman’s hair is one of many defining features that accentuate her beauty, confidence, and personality. Zoya Salon is a full-service salon that provides clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with an elite hair treatment experience. From haircuts to hair extensions, our top-notch team of stylists provides professional beauty services with enthusiasm to ensure a rocking hairstyle and a positive experience.

At Zoya Salon, we believe that the quality of hair directly impacts a client’s feeling of confidence. Sharp haircuts, radiant color, and flowing hair extensions empower clients to feel beautiful. Only the best hair products are used, from shampoo to natural hair extensions. Quality in product and process is essential to ensure our clients a gratifying salon experience.

Our methodology and techniques are consistent. Our staff is passionate about hair service and strives to have every customer leave Zoya Salon satisfied and happy with their reflection in the mirror.

Your FAQ Answered

1. How much do extensions cost?
We offer a few different application methods all based on your desire and suitability for your hair length and texture, and varying in costs. Please give us a call for a consultation with our extension experts!

2. What is the pricing for highlights, color, cut and/or style?
a. Color prices vary depending on your desired outcome. Please click here to be directed to our price list.
3. How long does each type of extension last?
a. Tape-ins & Micro Links require maintenance every 6-8 weeks and can be used up to 3 times.
b. Fusions remain in your hair 3-6 months.
4. What brand of extension can we order/work with?
a. We offer a variety of different type of extensions depending on the application method you are inquiring about.
Our most popular and salon favorites, are Great lengths, Bellami pro,  Hotheads, Babes, Try match, Hairdream, Hairloc, Dreamcatcher,Hair talk, Hair and compounds, Follea, and we are certified to work with much more!
5. How long has the stylist been in the business/at the salon?
a. Every one of our stylist is trained under The Expert, and are extremely qualified to provide top-notch hair services! Zoya Ghamari has been certified for over 18 years.
6. When is the soonest they can get in?
a. Each stylist has different availability, but would love to work with you! Please click here to fill out a request to get on our books!
7. Do you have hair for extensions in stock/can I bring in my own hair?
a. We custom order each individual clients’ hair, depending on their color & desired look. We carry a limited amount of stock for the convenience of our guests.
8. Can I swim/ workout with the extensions?
a. Yes. They need to use a PH balancing spray to keep the extension hair balanced with natural PH of the hair
9. Do you have a stylist that specializes in Ombre/Balayage?
a. Yes we have stylists that are trained with advanced color technique
10. How long does my hair need to be for extensions?
a. Your hair needs to be at least 5-6 inches to properly blend the hair with your natural hair. We also carry products that help by stimulating healthy growth and healthy scalp. We offer a top of the hair unit called REVIVE that we can use for short hair and integrate with your own natural hair as well
11. Can your stylish shape/fix my clip-in extensions?
a. Absolutely, bring them in so we can make sure your look is impeccable!
12. Are consultations free?
a. No, there is a $25 consultation fee, but that fee can be applied towards your extension appointment should you choose to schedule your appointment within the next month
13. How long does it take to apply the extensions?
a. All the different application methods vary in timing
i. Tape in & Micro-Links are a minimum of 2 hours, but depending on your hair, it can go up from there.
ii. Fusion- Dependent on the number of bundles needed for your desired look. On average, we say it will take 1 hour per bundle.
14. Does Zoya Salon take walk in?
a. We welcome same day appointments
15. Can I get extensions the same day as my consult?
a. It is not our common practice to apply extensions on the same day as your consultation since it requires a color match and long appointment time.
16. Does the salon do special event styling? ( Weddings, etc..)
a. We do have a stylist capable of providing up-dos.
17. Is this a full salon/spa? (Facials, nails, massage…)
a. We don’t offer spa or nail services yet but we offer a wide variety of hair services.
18. How much are Brazilian Blow Outs/Keratin treatments and how long do they take?
a. Brazilian Blow-Out/Keratin Treatments pricing varies on the length and fullness of your hair. The starting price is $350, and they take anywhere between 2-4 hours.
19. What type of products do you carry?
a. We carry our own ZoyaG product line, Kevin Murphy, Virtue lab & Great Lengths Products.
20. Does the Brazilian Blow Out have any formaldehyde ?
a. The formaldehyde percentage in the product is very very little and safe to use; Products such as lipstick have the same amount.