The Best Hair Extensions in Dallas Texas Great Lengths Hair Extensions by Zoya Salon

What do you desire for your hair; extra length, extra volume or both? At Zoya Salon, we have the perfect solution for you. Located in Dallas Texas, Zoya Salon is not only committed but also adequately equipped to give you a radiant, beautiful and confident look.

Our hair extensions are from the stables of Great Lengths International; the market leader as far as quality and ethically sourced human hair is concerned. This is in line with our commitment to ensuring every one of our clients has a deeply satisfying and rewarding experience.

Now present in over 59 countries, Great Lengths International was established over 25 years ago as the premier producer of high-quality extensions. With its birth, began a new era in the professional beauty industry and the mainstreaming of hair extension services.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions remains the leader in the world of high-quality hair extensions due to five major factors:

1. Ethically sourced hair exclusively from the Temples of India

2.  A unique bonding technology that is unrivaled in the industry

3.  A patented, non-toxic and damage-free colorization processes that ensure the hair retain their original structure

4.  Award winning application systems

5.  The most comprehensive education programs for its Stylists

Why Great Lengths Hair Extensions Is the Best

100% Traceable Indian Hair from Willing Donors

At Zoya Salon, we value human liberty and for this reason, we are quite concerned about the source of the products that we use –our hair extensions especially. We are aware that some of the hair shipped into the US are from unwilling and sometimes, coerced donors. That’s why Great Lengths hair extensions are IT for us.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions literally go to great lengths in ensuring that its hair extensions are ethically sourced. Not from some poor voiceless widow or orphan; but from devotees of an Indian Temple who willingly shave their hair as part of their religious rites. Every strand is 100% traceable to Indian Hindu Temples and is from willing donors. Based on its source, the quality of Great Lengths hair extension is not in doubt and we are proud users of this product.

Better Quality of Life for Donors

Having a traceable source of Indian human hair also means that the donors stand to benefit a great deal. The donors get a fair deal in money terms annually and this goes into making their lives better. These funds are used in providing health, education, and other essential services in the local community.

A Passion for Standards

Seeing the lack of ethical regulation along the human hair supply chain, Great Lengths Hair Extensions introduced the “Setting Fair Standards” Seal, almost 2 decades ago. The hope is that the Setting Fair Standards Seal will eventually result in a unified ethical regulation of the hair extensions industry.

This Fair Standards Seal guarantee you that:

  • Every strand of hair was willingly donated and that the donor gave full consent.
  • The donor has been accorded due respect and care
  • The hair was fairly and reasonably priced and the money used to procure the hair is not used for personal or individual profit but solely for charitable endeavors,
  • The hair has been procured by a representative of Great Lengths International in order to eliminate unreliable middlemen and ensure that there is full and direct knowledge of the source of the hair.
  • From procurement to selling wholesale, the thorough and exclusive in-house processes of Great Lengths are followed, to ensure full traceability.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Unique Keratin Bond

The first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer was developed and patented by Great Lengths Hair Extensions in 1992, allowing hair to be attached together at a molecular level. Unlike other keratin bonds you may come across in the marketplace, this product is not a keratin bond in name only but is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair. It has the ability to expand and contract in the same manner as the human hair it’s bonded to. This gives the GL bond an exclusive functionality feature that’s not available in any other commercially available hair bonding compound.

For instance, the hair shaft expands when hair is wet and contracts when it dries. Bonds that do not mimic the molecular structure of human hair are stretched when the hair expands but are unable to contract in the same way as natural hair. So what happens is that the bond soon begin to shed the extensions and ultimately slide off the client’s natural hair completely

Non-Toxic Coloring

In coloring the hair or removing the original color, Great Lengths Hair Extensions uses its patented pigmentation/de-pigmentation process that is free from harmful chemicals such as bleach or ammonia derivatives. This time-tested colorization process results in colorfast hair that leaves each strand in virgin-like condition.

This process apart from helping to retain the hair quality is also eco-friendly as the environment is spared from the negative impact of using toxic chemicals. Sadly, this is not the case for a vast majority of imported hair extensions.

Perfect Application

The painstaking efforts put into sourcing and processing would be meaningless without the right expertise to masterfully apply and perfectly blend these hair extensions.

Beyond providing ethically sourced high-quality hair and a patented production process, a Great Lengths Hair Extensions application focuses on the details of the sectioning and placement patterns, attachment sizes and bond formations. Emphasis is placed on color placement and color blending – bringing it all together with a correctly executed cut-in.

This is the reason why Great Lengths International places a lot of emphasis on the training of its Stylists through the Great Lengths Certification Training. Every Great Lengths Certified Stylist undergoes this training which is the most comprehensive extension application training in the professional industry. It’s no wonder then that Great Lengths Certified Salon Network is rated as the most exclusive stylist membership in the industry

As a Great Lengths Hair Extensions Certified Stylists, Zoya is a qualified hair extension expert to apply your hair extensions. It’s our job to bring your dream into reality for longer and fuller hair.