Courtney Lj

From a young age, Courtney Lj was convinced she was destined to be a hairstylist. Vivid memories of using pencils as curlers in kindergarten and attempting to use kitchen foil in middle school to color a friends hair ensured her her destiny was sealed. After a life on the beaches of Florida, and four years at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in Event Management, Courtney ventured out to the mountains of Colorado Springs, Colorado to finally obtain a degree in Cosmetology from Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy. Though she has always been drawn to hair, her desire to meet new people and make their day a little better has been able to help her further her career.

Her favorite motto, “Choose Happy” is a daily reminder that no matter what the situation you are given, you should always choose to be happy. She loves that she is able to share these two simple, yet powerful, words with all of her clients; hoping to enhance everyone’s state of mind, making the world a little better with each person that sits in her chair. Courtney is able to attribute a lot of her happiness to her German Shepard, Beyla; frequently referring to her as her baby girl, the prettiest dog ever, and her furbaby.

Courtney has practiced the art of hair in Colorado, Florida, and now settling down in Dallas, Texas soaking in every bit of information she can grasp from the amazing people she has worked with. Her passion for color, continuous education, and strive to find the right look for each client as individuals, has set her apart. Always looking to try new things, and aiming for perfection are a top priority in her daily life, and are clearly demonstrated by the wide array of clientele and impeccable looks she is able to provide.

As a hairdresser, Courtney has been able to collect certificates in multiple coloring techniques (including balayage, ombre, vivid colors, and more), keratin treatments, extensions, and has used many color lines, although she will tell you to this day, Eufora is hands down the best! She is currently studying to become certified with the American Colorist Board and become an educator to share her experience and knowledge with everyone. Her passion is clearly displayed through her work, so come set up a consultation and see how she can help you dare to live beautifully.