It’s finally happening! You are deciding to get hair extensions and trying to figure out which method is the best for you. The hair extension industry has grown so much over the last decade and now there are a lot of options to choose from. But before you pick the first option that pops in front of you, there are some questions you should be asking yourself and your hair extension professional.

Which method is the best for my hair?

Depending on what kind of length and volume you are looking for, there are multiple hair extension methods available for you to choose from. If you have a full head of thick hair, you will definitely need more hair to go on your head. With thicker hair, you can basically pick from any of the methods available but may need to apply more hair for the most natural look. If you have thin or fine hair, on the other hand, choosing methods like fusion extensions may be the best for you since this method put less tension on your hair and will easily give you volume and length seamlessly.

There is also a less permanent solution to extensions called a Halo. The Halo is multiple wefts sewn to a very fine string that goes around your head. You then pull your own hair over the string, and the Halo is in place. This can easily be taken on and off, and last for six months to a year.

Is it hard to maintain hair extensions?

While it is not as easy as just washing your natural hair and leaving your home, caring for your hair extensions is not a difficult task. With proper maintenance, not only will you be able to make your extension life longer, you will also be able to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy as well. Any well qualified hair extension specialist will offer special brushes, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are specially formulated for the specific hair extensions that they use. So asking your hair dresser how to care for your extensions will make everything easier for you (and for them for future removals/applications).

Will I be able to use the same hair over and over again?

Some methods such as beaded wefts and natural beaded rows allow you to use the hair up to eight months, based on how well you maintain your extensions. These methods require maintenance every 6-8 weeks. Maintenance refers to your stylist moving up and adjusting the extensions.  Tape in hair extensions can be re-applied two or three times and last around four to five months and require maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Micro link/ Micro bead extensions can be used for up to 6-8 months, requiring maintenance every 6-8 weeks.  Fusion/keratin tip extensions may only be used one time because when the hair is removed, the keratin bond is dissolved. However fusion extensions do not require any additional appointments for maintenance.  The number of times you are able to re-use the extensions will heavily depend on how well you take care of them. Brushing, proper products, and a well-kept maintenance schedule will greatly extend the use of your hair.

Will the hair extensions match my hair?

A quick consultation with your stylist will assure that the hair you are getting installed will be the same thickness, body, and color as your natural hair. This is important because if you naturally have thin, straight hair, getting thick, wavy hair extensions will make the extension very noticeable and make it hard for you to style your hair. Thankfully, a huge variety of hair extension types are commonly available. Choosing the right color and texture of hair and a blending cut after application will make sure that no one knows you have hair extensions.

How long will the application be?

The micro link, beaded weft, and tape-in methods are a fairly quick appointment, usually lasting around 1-3 hours. An application of fusion extensions will take from 3-5 hours. Ask your extension expert how long the application of the method you chose will take to plan your appointment day accordingly.