What are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand tied wefts have a thinner and more flexible base than machine tied wefts. This method makes for a far more natural look that gives your hair a noticeable, voluminous bump in fullness without the use of tape or clip-ins that you normally think of when you consider hair extensions.

There are many reasons why hand-tied hair extensions might be right for you. First off is the process of applying the hair is faster, compared to other extension methods. In addition, hand-tied extensions end up making your hair look thicker and fuller than other extension methods, and it’s the perfect thing for people with fine or thinning hair that want to increase their hair’s volume.

Also, when we’re talking about hand-tied extensions, the time between maintenance is longer than other methods. When you’re at Zoya salon, you’ll know that you’re getting something more advanced than what others in the field are doing, so instead of having to come back in every month to fix things up, you’ll only need maintenance every 6-8 weeks!

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Hand-Tied Extensions: 

  1. What is a Hand-Tied Hair Extension? It’s a weft of 100% real human hair that is sewn to a row of beads.

  2. Who are these for? ANYBODY; thin hair, thick hair, short hair, long hair, light hair, dark hair, healthy hair, damaged hair, even individuals who have a medical condition preventing them from growing hair.

  3. What makes hand-tied hair extensions better than others? There is no heat, no glue, and no sticky tape involved. Therefore, both the installation and removal process is painless and gentle on your hair.

  4. How long do hand-tied hair extensions last? Like all extensions, it comes down to how well you take care of your hair, but they can last anywhere from six to eight months. To extend the life of the extensions, frequent trimming and deep conditioning is recommended.

  5. How often will you need touch ups?  Maintenance is required every six to eight weeks

  6. “I’m worried they aren’t going to match my current hair color, now what?” Because of the quality of the hair, your stylist is able to custom color the weft to give it a seamless blend.

  7. How much do they cost? This varies based on the length and the amount of hair required to achieve the look you desire. They can range from $1500-$2,500.

  8. What are the different lengths? They can be ordered in 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”, and after installation the hair is always cut to blend and can be altered based on your wants and needs.

  9. How do you take care of hand-tied hair extensions ?
    • Use silk pillowcases – they prevent your hair from getting tangled while you sleep
    • Sleeping in a braid or low pony will prevent your hair from snarling
    • Use high quality hair products – sulfate free, no parabens, etc.
    • Proper brushing – invest in a Wet Brush
    • Oils are great for the ends of the hair.
    • Serums to leave it silky and smooth.
    • Deep conditioning treatments – once every two weeks