Vibrant and sexy hair

We have all experienced it before, you come back home from the salon and expect everyone to immediately compliment your hair or agree with the fact that the hairstylist could have done a better job or that it is not what you wanted. More often than not, men have no clue what you are talking about. When it comes to women’s hair, men seem to all agree on one thing, as long as it is well maintained, shiny and compliments your overall look, they don’t care. However, there are some things they may not be able to tell you to your face when it comes to your hair. What are those things? Well, let’s get into them.

Well Maintained hair is always appealing

A compliment here or there doesn’t hurt, sure, but he is not going to know you died your hair from natural black to jet black or to your roots touched or when you get a trim. Shiny, smooth hair will always be in style and be the most appealing. Getting regular trims, your roots touched (if you dye your hair), investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner set are all easy ways of keeping your hair healthy. Men might feel a little flamboyant accepting it, but everyone, regardless of gender, likes a healthy, well-kept head of hair.

Men don’t know how much hair we shed

Long hair, medium hair or even short hair, If you don’t have a buzz cut, chances are, you shed like a dog, especially, if it’s time for a season change. It gets crazy during fall or spring when our hair is renewing itself and there is hair everywhere. It will surprise you how shocked some men get when they realize that the hair everywhere is not because you have an illness but because it’s a natural cycle we all go through. However, shedding is not and should not be your destiny. If it bothers you, you can eliminate shedding so much hair by using strengthening hair masks and making sure to brush and braid your hair before bed. Doesn’t matter what you do, there will be at least a hundred strands of hair falling out of your head for sure. By brushing them out, you will reduce the chances of it going in the food you cook or in your mouth while you are sleeping.  Want to learn more about hair loss in women?  Read Hair Loss Revolution’s article “9 Biggest Causes Of Hair Loss In Women – (Stop Doing No. 8 Now).”

Long hair is more appealing

Majority of people find long hair more attractive than short hair. It is more feminine, more youthful, it’s more fun to play with during private time and it makes any women more femme-fatal than a short haircut. All women of all haircuts and styles look beautiful. But changing things up once in a while and reminding yourself a much more youthful you won’t hurt. Enjoying long hair even when your hair isn’t long is super easy nowadays with the help of clip in, or semi-permanent hair extensions. Extensions are readily available at salons and on the internet. Whether if you are looking for a more permanent style or a temporary hair extension type, your hairstylist will know exactly how to and where to find it and will help you put them in or apply it in the salon.

Sometimes, messy is sexy

While having your hair sleek straight or fully done of course is good, sometimes, that ‘’just got out of bed’’ looks is super sexy. If you put your hair up in a bun because you think it’s messy, don’t. Just some dry shampoo and that Victoria Secret Angel look will blow everyone away. Low-Maintenance looks are sexy because it shows that you can look hot without putting too much hair into it. Strangely, men are super into that. We don’t blame them though. We also think its sexy when they are covered in dirt or they have that 5 o-clock shadowy beards.

While it is fun to play around and change your hair, people love you for you and not just because of your hair. Men love confidence. Women love confidence. Having some fun with your hair will boost your confidence and draw all the eyes on you. So have fun, switch it up, experience new things until you find something you absolutely love.