Tame Frizzy and Unmanageable Hair

Are you frustrated and struggling with frizzy hair or unmanageable curls?

I am sure by now you have heard about keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout and somehow you don’t know the difference or you are afraid to try it because of the fear of chemicals.

There are many conflicting opinions on this amazing treatment. Remember your happiness and the health of your hair is our ultimate goal.

This treatment is known for its smoothing effect. Brazilian and keratin treatments don’t permanently change or alter the molecular structure of the hair. It’s mostly known for relaxing the curl pattern for up to 12 weeks and eliminating  90% of the frizz. That’s one reason it can be done on previously bleached and color-treated hair without causing damage. This service can be performed immediately after the color service to enhance the shine and improve the hair strands

That’s why its called a treatment.

How much are Brazilian Blow Outs/Keratin treatments and how long do they take?

Brazilian Blow-Out/Keratin Treatments pricing varies on the length and fullness of your hair.  Keratin complex treatment is higher in price because of longer treatment time

Does the Brazilian Blow Out have any formaldehyde? 

The formaldehyde percentage in the product is very very little and safe to use; Products such as lipstick have the same amount.

How would I know if I should get a Brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment?

Don’t worry about that,  call for your consultation appointment and let us determine the right treatment for you. There are many factors that we consider when we recommending these treatments and as we always say “ One size doesn’t fit all. “ we offer a full range of Keratin complex Coppola and Brazilian blowout, so we can customize and tailor the right treatment for your gorgeous hair.

If you haven’t been to our salon, please visit our “New Client page” for specific instructions about how to book your appointment or fill out our virtual consultation if you aren’t yet ready to book but want to plan and dream new beautiful you.